[linux-dvb] Budget_ci driver not driving my Nova-T v909 remote!

Stephen Kirkby mail at stephenkirkby.co.uk
Sun Sep 4 21:43:58 CEST 2005

Thanks for the suggestions Jon.  I tried unplugging the IR keyboard and 
mouse and tried the remote again, but no luck.

The  video stream is running ok.  I remember when I first got the card, 
I ran it under the 2.6.5 kernel (my mythbox project is still under 
development over a year later :)).  Under that kernel, you had to take 
the dll file off of the driver cd that came with the card.  There were 
mulitple versions of the driver at that time.

Would it be possible that certain driver versions don't work with the 
remote?  Are there multiple versions of the tda1004x.bin or 
dvb-fe-tda10045.fw files?



Jon Burgess wrote:

> Stephen Kirkby wrote:
>> - IR keyboard/mouse
>> - EPIA drivers/bios (are there any settings here??)
>> - kernel 2.6.9-r9 on gentoo
> I would try unplugging and removing all the IR keyboard and mouse 
> hardware off into another room. Also make sure there isn't any direct 
> sunlight on the IR sensor. I think flourescent lights can also 
> interfere with IR.
> I assume that the DVB video stream from the card is OK, so I think we 
> can rule out any interrupt problems with the card.
> It might be worth trying a new kernel just in case, but it shouldn't 
> be a problem. I think i've been successfully using the IR with 
> budget_ci since before the 2.6.0 kernel was released.
>     Jon
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