[linux-dvb] libs/ packaging

Guido Draheim guidod-2003- at gmx.de
Sun Sep 4 22:21:10 CEST 2005

please introduce
libdir = $(INSTDIR)/lib
includedir = $(INSTDIR)/lib

please replace
- $(INSTDIR)/lib
+ $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)

please replace
- $(INSTDIR)/include
+ $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)

please introduce pkg-config file
echo "libdir=$(libdir)"
echo "includedir=$(libdir)"
echo "Name: linuxtv-libdvbxxx"
echo "Description:linuxtv dvb xxx library"
echo "Version: 0.1"
echo "Libs: -L$(libdir) -ldvbxxx"
echo "Cflags: -I$(includedir)"
- and install to $(libdir)/pkgconfig

Note that the current headers are using
some #include <cfg/xxx.h> but the headers
are being installed to $(libdir)/dvb/ so
that a different includepath is required.
... Using a different subpath under the
includedir is usually meaningless unless
one does want to do versioning on the
includepath (like include/gtk-1.2 in
parallel with include/gtk-2.0). What's
the point about the different subpaths?

OTO, I do not see any readme hint pointing
to an actual program that makes use of these
libs. I have had a similar approach to
buidl a dvblib which did look very similar
and I am using it for some desktop applets.
Did I miss a message on actual usage while
I was away from the list? Or is this just
academic work?

-- Thanks, Guido         http://google.de/search?q=guidod
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