[linux-dvb] FIX: No recovery after lost lock

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Mon Sep 5 05:50:29 CEST 2005

Marian Durkovic wrote:
> > @Marian:
> > Which kernel version, which application software did you use?
> > Could you tell us the value of fe->inversion?
> Tried on 2.6.13rc6 with CVS, and also on 2.6.9 with older dvb-kernel version
> (something near the last release driver).
> On the first tuning attempt, it tunes immediately, with inversion=0:
> dvb_frontend_autotune: DVB0 drift:0 bending:0 inversion:0 auto_step:0 auto_sub_step:0 started_auto_step:0
> When the lock is lost, it starts to zigzag and gets lock only when inversion
> transitions from 1 to 0:
> ....
> dvb_frontend_autotune: DVB1 drift:-13744 bending:0 inversion:0 auto_step:8 auto_sub_step:2 started_auto_step:0
> dvb_frontend_autotune: DVB1 drift:-13744 bending:0 inversion:1 auto_step:8 auto_sub_step:3 started_auto_step:0
> dvb_frontend_autotune: DVB1 drift:0 bending:0 inversion:1 auto_step:0 auto_sub_step:0 started_auto_step:0
> dvb_frontend_autotune: DVB1 drift:0 bending:0 inversion:0 auto_step:0 auto_sub_step:1 started_auto_step:0
> When the original driver code is used, there are no inversion changes during
> retuning, so it never gets lock.

Strange. Is the value of inversion always 0 in this case?

Why could the frontend require a transition from 1 to 0?
Has anybody an errata sheet of the stv0299?


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