[linux-dvb] [PATCH] bt878 driver update

Lukas Kasprowicz lukas.kasprowicz at web.de
Tue Sep 6 18:10:36 CEST 2005

> hi,
> this card seems to be using the new silicon tuner made by philips, is it
> correct?
> can you tell me what tuner and demodulator it uses, please?
> Does your card receive easily low-power transponders (like usual
> tin-can tuners) or is it generally a weaker receiver?
> Thanks a lot,
>     Nico

I think  you mean the PCTV 400i.

It looks exactly like the PCTV Sat, but without the Video in (cinch; Svideo) 
and without the Loopthrough. Should be the same Hardware on it.

It is the same conexat chip on it.

I am going to take a Picture for you, when i reboot the host.

Once more:
originally it didnt work, but after applying edgar's patch, it does work

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