[linux-dvb] Tuning failed with Twinhan VisionPlus/MagicBox1 USB-Version (dvb-t)

Martin AleXander Walschik alex at jufo.bremen.de
Tue Sep 6 23:36:14 CEST 2005

Patrick Boettcher schrieb:

Hi Patrick,

thanks for your answere!

> Martin, the MagicBox1 has very poor reception quality. Please make 
> sure that you have a good signal with your antenna position. Can you 
> please run femon while trying to scan? Does syslog says something 
> weird about the device? Can you check reception with another DVB-T 
> card/box?

When i run the windows dvb-application with the same antenna on the same 
positition the device received 20 stations without problems, so i think 
this is not
an antenna problem. Has you read my first mail to this list (6.9.05: 
12:13MEZ) ? There i write all information about the log. Are you still 
need the femon information? Then i will collect them!

I don´ t own an another dvb-t receiver, so i can only test with the 
windows dvb-application.

> I recently had the chance to test the very first dibusb DVB-T USB 
> device (vp7041, grey box) with recent drivers and it was working 
> surprisingly well.

This is not the grey box design, it has the black box design with the 
label "VisionPlus". Usbview (written in my first mail) identify the 
device as vp7041.

Thanks for your help!


  Martin AleXander Walschik

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