[linux-dvb] FIX: No recovery after lost lock

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Wed Sep 7 04:57:35 CEST 2005

Georg Acher wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 09:43:47AM +0100, Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> > I don't have any stv099b errata information sorry. All these problems seem
> > to be affecting only stv0299b based cards though.
> Durung the work on the reelbox driver for the TU1278, I had some strange
> lockups of the PLL (TUA6100). Setting a new frequency made the PLL to hang
> on one side of its voltage output. It happend especially often on the
> Astra transponder with VIVA on it.
> To avoid that lockup, the following code just before the actual PLL-settings
> in pll_set make that go away:
> 	{ // GA: Kick PLL to avoid hanging VCO
>                 u8 xreg0 [2] = { 0x00, 0x0f };
>                 u8 xreg1 [4] = { 0x01, 0xff, 0xff, 0x00 };
>                 u8 xreg2 [3] = { 0x02, 0xff, 0xff };
>                 tua6100_pll_write(fe, 0x60, xreg0, sizeof(xreg0));
>                 tua6100_pll_write(fe, 0x60, xreg1, sizeof(xreg1));
>                 tua6100_pll_write(fe, 0x60, xreg2, sizeof(xreg2));
> 	}
> Is it possible that some of the stv0299 related tuning issues actually are
> based on this PLL problem? As the driver doesn't read out the PLL lock
> status, it may be get totally unrecognised that the PLL and not the stv0299
> is the cause...

Hm - can flipping the inversion bit of the stv0299 affect the PLL?


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