[linux-dvb] Status of dst_ca module

Graeme Christie graeme at sx.net.au
Wed Sep 7 08:22:22 CEST 2005

Hmm, no reply ... Anyone ?

A simple, it works for me, or no it doesn't work will do.

Graeme Christie wrote:

>I have just come back after being away for a month, and I was wondering
>what the current status of the dst_ca ci/cam decoding for encrypted
>channels (specifically on the twinhan card) was. As far as I could
>decipher from lurking on the list, the pmt stuff needed a rewrite (done
>by Olvind ?), and then some other steps were needed in order to get a
>proper decryption of the mpeg streams. On my own system about a month
>ago, with sources compiled from cvs, I was able to successfully get
>ca_zap to work (on some channels, others would cause a segfault), but
>the decrypted stream would be garbage. (This was on Foxtel in Australia
>with a legitimate red (irdeto 2 I think) Foxtel card).
>Has there been any progess on this front recently ? If I rebuild this
>driver and ca_zap from the latest cvs should I expect it to be able to
>successfully decrypt a stream ?
>Graeme Christie.
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