[linux-dvb] Twinhan Alpha driver problem - kernel 2.6.13

Martin Ereth martin.ereth at arcor.de
Wed Sep 7 12:25:34 CEST 2005

vdr wrote:
> I am using kernel 2.6.13 vanilla (latest stable from kernel.org) with 1x 
> Hauppauge Nova CI DVB-S, 1x Avermedia 761 DVB-T and 2x
> TwinHan Aplha USB DVB-T sticks.
> The device drivers load fine, all frontends register. As soon as an 
> application (eg. tzap and/or VDR) is started, the machine
> stops responding. Only a powercycle fixes it. I have logging enabled for 
> the dvb-usb driver but can find no syslog entries for
> this.
> This problem also occured with patched with the dvb patch.
> Note that using only one Twinhan together with the other 2 DVB cards 
> works fine.
> Note the TwinHan sticks were tried both on one USB and on
> seperate USB hubs with the same result. I remember someone talking about 
> excessiver power requirements (eg. more than the USB spec) for these USB 
> sticks.

Hello vdr!

I also got one Twinhan alpha stick working. It works fine on a notebook, sometimes it 
hookes on a Desktop system but not often.

Do you have the possibility to increase the voltage for USB in your BIOS? Try to 
increase the voltage a bit, it should help.

Maybe a notebook isn't able to provide enough current or voltage. I can't remember 
mine is weak.

Hope it helps

Martin Ereth

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