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Wed Sep 7 13:13:36 CEST 2005

 Woops.. heres a better wrapped version
of the previous mail, sorry about that.


I have a Twinhan Ter-CI card plus a top up tv
cam and an activated card. I have read the
mailing lists and this has enabled me to get
as far as being able to recieve and view all
FTA channels (after upgrading to kernel 2.6.13
+ dvb patches + additionally modifying DTT-CI
to use NEWTUNER + HAS_CA).

Im currently investigating ca_zap. Initially
without much success until i read the post
about it using the last channel information
in the channels.conf and not the requested one.
Now I have got it to the point where it seg
faults, so i have done a  brief investigation
with gdb and can provide the following info :

The segfault is due to
allocate_descriptor_storage returning a null
pointer. and this pointer then being used a
little later. I`m not at home at present so
can't give any meaningfull dumps, but from
what i remember... a descriptor_tag of 240
is being passed in with a length of 19. Now
the switch statement obviously does not have
a case for 240. So I`m unsure if this is even
a legal tag, the fault could be prior to this
point. I`m willing to investigate further and
I believe Manu is the one working on this
stuff, so I hope I can be of assistance.

Out of interest is there a list of tags
anywhere (I`m new to DVB stuff so I'm probably
searching in the wrong places for the info i
want at the moment).


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