[linux-dvb] [PATCH] dst_ca : convert back Application Info DST reply to EN 50221 message.

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Wed Sep 7 14:51:01 CEST 2005

Manu Abraham <abraham.manu at gmail.com> writes:

> The list of supported CAM's are like this .. maybe it might be of some help.
> This is regarding the state of the DST, Regarding the Skystar-1, i have 
> not much of an idea. This might probably be applicable for you.

The list you sent is quite difficult to use as the CAM manufacturer is
not always mentioned (for the record, Manu is probably not the author
of this list). Since card manufacturer may use different EN50221 stack
*within* the CAM, the possibilities for incompatibilities are great.

As a matter of fact, I managed to decrypt programs with a SCM Viaccess
card, but the Aston dual Viacess is not detected at all by my Twinhan
card (DST-CI). According to Frederic Cand, Aston pros Viaccess (which
contains the same firmware as aston dual) are not detected either by
VP-1030. (See details on the linux tv wiki)


> Crypto Works	1.0 	OK		
> Cryptoworks 	12011	N/A(无此CAM)		
> Magic	1.1	OK	76.5	NG
> Dragon I & II	2.05, 2.06	N/A(无此CAM)		
> PentaCrypt	1.05	OK		
> Irdeto	2.09	OK	110.5	OK
> Irdeto 	1.06	N/A(无此CAM)		
> Free CAM2-018	未知	OK		
> AstonCrypt	1.03	OK		
> Viaccess 	1.0 V481	OK	76.5	OK
> Viaccess 	1.0 V483	OK	76.5	OK
> AlphaCrypt 	1.0	OK		
> Aston I	1.05	OK		
> AstonII	未知	NG		
> SECA I & II	1.05	N/A(无此CAM)		
> Nagravision	未知	OK		
> Free-X-TV	2.26	OK	95	OK
> Free-X-TV	2.0	N/A(无此CAM)		
> Module	0.78	OK		
> Zeta Cam	未知	OK	76.5/95	OK
> Conax	4.00e	OK		
> Conax 	4.0	N/A(无此CAM)		
> BataCrypt	1.0	N/A(无此CAM)		

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