[linux-dvb] Multicasting channels separately from a DVB mux

Christian Kaenzig chrismoll at chrismoll.homelinux.org
Thu Sep 8 13:38:03 CEST 2005

Le Jeudi, 8 Septembre 2005 11:59, Richard ngn a écrit :
> I am currently using DVBstream to multicast an entire
> mux from a DVB-t card as one transport stream. It
> works fine however, it is causing some traffic
> problems due to its 20+Mbits size.
> >From what I have read, we need to demux the big TS
> stream by PID and then remux it into smaller TS
> streams.

I have written a simple streaming software in Python which can stream 
different pids to different hosts. It reads the ts stream from dvr0 and uses 
ts2ps to filter the pids (one instance of ts2ps per stream being sent).

The problem is that ts2ps is quite buggy (and my own code too, I admit :-p) 
which leads to having to restart my program quite often and it is therefore 
not really usable (at least not practical at all).

> Before I got going, I just wanted to check this wasn't
> already available somewhere else....?

My needs may not be exactly the same as yours, but I'd like to hear of some 
software able to remux ts, ps, or mpeg streams, eather from a sigle ts or 
separate audio and video streams. As I am writing, I am thinking of transcode 
which might be able to do that. I'll have to check that sometime.


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