[linux-dvb] 8PSK cards

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Thu Sep 8 16:43:33 CEST 2005

Jim Jowski wrote:

> Anyone have a list of dealers for 8psk cards?  Google isn't much help 
> on this one.
Last year, there were a few Skyseeker Oasis 8psk prototypes and beta 
test cards produced.  Skyseeker's website is no more, but you can see 
the specs for the Oasis card from a cached google page 

Evidently, the two guys originally developing the card thought the 
company that was going to produce it for them (which I presume is none 
other then Skyseeker) was out to rip them off.  So they stopped dealing 
with them.

After some delay, they apparently decided to form Digital TV Workshop, 
and the previous Skyseeker products were re-branded as DTVWorks 
products.  DTVWorks still doesn't have a website, and I'm uncertain what 
the production status is on the cards and other products.  Nonetheless, 
some do exist, and Rod Hewitt (coolstf.com), who I believe was also 
providing some diagnostic help for them, has written support for their 
products into TSreader.   DTVWorks guys are also reported to be very 
warm to the idea of Linux support.

I also remember seeing a few other 8psk cards in the past, but I have no 
links and, even in my fuzzy memory of them, I'm pretty sure that they 
weren't anything along the lines of being consumer cards.

One link I can provide, having just seen this within this past week, is 
to this modem product: http://www.spacebridge.com/products/sb2250.htm  
... I'm not clear as to what potential it does or does not have.

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