[linux-dvb] Ok, just ignore me then!

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Sat Sep 10 18:46:06 CEST 2005

Q wrote:
> I've waited patiently for over a week for an answer to a simple question 
> - which was what firmware version do I need for Debian Sid running a 
> 2.6.11-7 kernel for my WinTV Nova-T  2 years old DVB-T card - and no one 
> has had the kindness to even write one line telling me where to get it.
> I only joined this list so that I could ask.

I did not see your original posting,
but I see 4 reasons that might explain why you are being ignored:

1) It is not polite to get angry with people who are
    doing things for you for free.

2) It is not nice to break threads by responding to
    a totally unrelated message
    (in this case "CableStar2 dont work (2.6.13 + dvb-kernel CVS)")
    and simply altering the subject
    (in this case to "Ok, just ignore me then!")

3) It is considered to be good manners to use your real name
    on this mailing list.
    I doubt that "Q" or "raid517" is your real name.

4) It is expected to do some minimal research yourself
    before you ask people on the list to solve your problems.
    I am just guessing here, of course, since, as I said,
    I did not see your original posting.

So my suggestion is: Please try again observing the 4 hints above. :-)


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