[linux-dvb] Ok, just ignore me then!

Q raid517 at ukonline.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 19:30:11 CEST 2005

I am not angry, just confused and a little frustrated. As I said, it's not 
like I just butted after a day or so after posting my first message after 
not getting a response.

And I did do some resaerch - but the only info I found was that I needed a 
firmware called tda1004x.bin - but as I already have that in my 
/hotplug/firmware folder - I simply assumed that it must be the wrong 

The frustrating thing is that it worked fine until a couple of weeks ago - 
and only broke after an apt-get dist-upgrade (which if I recall did mention 
something about firmware).

This is about firmware however, as I get the same old 'firmware upload 
failed' message that you tend to get whenever there is either the wrong kind 
of firmware or no firmware installed.

As for your advice on how to get a reply, I did follow this the first time 
round - although this seems to have only served to get me ignored.

Nonetheless I don't want to sound like a jackass - and I applogies 
unreservedly if in any way I did.

Best regards,


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>Q wrote:
>> I've waited patiently for over a week for an answer to a simple 
>> question - which was what firmware version do I need for Debian Sid 
>> running a 2.6.11-7 kernel for my WinTV Nova-T  2 years old DVB-T card - 
>> and no one has had the kindness to even write one line telling me where 
>> to get it.
>> I only joined this list so that I could ask.
> I did not see your original posting,
> but I see 4 reasons that might explain why you are being ignored:
> 1) It is not polite to get angry with people who are
>    doing things for you for free.
> 2) It is not nice to break threads by responding to
>    a totally unrelated message
>    (in this case "CableStar2 dont work (2.6.13 + dvb-kernel CVS)")
>    and simply altering the subject
>    (in this case to "Ok, just ignore me then!")
> 3) It is considered to be good manners to use your real name
>    on this mailing list.
>    I doubt that "Q" or "raid517" is your real name.
> 4) It is expected to do some minimal research yourself
>    before you ask people on the list to solve your problems.
>    I am just guessing here, of course, since, as I said,
>    I did not see your original posting.
> So my suggestion is: Please try again observing the 4 hints above. :-)
> Carsten.

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