[linux-dvb] Budget_ci driver not driving my Nova-T v909 remote!

Stephen Kirkby mail at stephenkirkby.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 19:53:29 CEST 2005

OK - I've tried this card in a different box running with a kernel that 
has devfs support compiled in.  Still nothing from /dev/input/event2.  
Thanks for all of the given suggestions anyhow, regardless of the outcome.

One last question :) Does anyone know whether my problem would be 
related to the evdev module or the budget_ci module, and the email 
address of who wrote each?

Much appreciated



Stephen Kirkby wrote:

> I've tried v2.16 of the dll shipped on the CD running on the 2.6.5 
> kernel with no success.  Does anyone have version 2.15 lying around 
> that I could try?
> Anyone else have any suggestions other that trying different versions 
> of the driver?
> Cheers
> Stephen
> ---------------
> Does antyo
> Stephen Kirkby wrote:
>> I have the hid compiled in, but no success.
>> There seems to be a couple people with Nova-T (PCI|USB) with firmware 
>> problems.  Is there a repository with all previous firmware versions, 
>> so that we can try and plug in each?
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