[linux-dvb] WinTV Nova-T tuning issue

Gavin Hamill gdh at acentral.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 17:37:09 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 16:34, Simon Kilvington wrote:
> Hi,

> dvbtune -f 722166667
> dvbstream -o -ps 600 601 > ./bbc1
>  then the dvbtune works fine, but I don't get any data from
> dvbstream - it's like it's un-tuned itself when dvbtune exits.

Try running dvbstream /immediately/ after dvbtune ends.

Chances are you're being hit by the frontend automatically closing...

Unload all DVB modules and then try:

modprobe dvb-core dvb_shutdown_timeout=0


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