[linux-dvb] DVB v4 API ready?

Budde, Marco budde at telos.de
Wed Sep 14 13:56:00 CEST 2005


for one of our customers I have to implement
a Linux driver for one of his DVB-T/S cards.

Which version of the DVB API should be used for
a complete new driver implementation. Is it still
a good idea to use version 3 or should I use
version 4? 

After have a look into the version 4 API
documentation, it looks a little bit incomplete
at the moment. Does the current Linux kernel already
support version 4? Are there client programs
available for version 4?

So which version do you recommend?

Best regards,


Dipl.-Ing. Marco Budde
telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH

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