[linux-dvb] Problem with WinTV NOVA USB

Luca Abeni lucabe72 at email.it
Fri Sep 16 12:43:54 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I just got a "WinTV NOVA USB", and I'm trying to use it under linux...
I did several tests:

1) kernel 2.4.26, with linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1. The card is properly detected,
and dvbtune is able to lock some frequencies on hotbird. But as soon as
I try to receive some audio and video, I see a lot of CC errors, and
dmesg shows a lot of
ttusb_process_muxpack: muxpack with incorrect checksum, ignoring
ttusb_process_frame: lost sync.
ttusb_process_muxpack: cc discontinuity (2 frames missing)
To be precise, it seems that the first half second of stream is
correctly received, then the problems begin...

2) kernel 2.4.26 with current CVS (the linux_2_4 branch, of course).
Similar results, but "dvbtune -m ..." also shows some errors:
FE READ_BER: : Operation not supported
FE READ UNCORRECTED BLOCKS: : Operation not supported
(anyway, the signal is correctly locked). Again, the first half second
of stream is correctly received. After that, I see a lot of CC errors.

3) 2.6.11 kernel, with its own DVB drivers. Same behaviour as 2.4.26
with current CVS: dvbtune errors, and CC errors (with the ttusb_* errors
in dmesg) after half second.

Has anyone been able to get a "WinTV NOVA USB" correctly working under
linux? If yes, with wich setup? (I mean: which kernel version, which
drivers, ...).

I tried to do some research with google, but I found one thread in this
mailing list
that does not seem to provide any solution...

This other page
seems to suggest that the card used to be supported with an old kernel
and an old version of the drivers... Any hint about the precise versions
that I have to use?

			Thanks in advance,
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