[linux-dvb] Nebula DigiTv PCI Remote Control

Richard Wall m-lists at the-moon.net
Fri Sep 16 18:26:04 CEST 2005

Mark Weaver wrote:

> The card does not have an SAA7134 on it so that won't help.
> TBH, looking at the card I can't figure out what the remote control
> input actually ends up being connected to.  This is what I can figure out:

Thanks Mark. I'm not savvy enough to recognise anything about the
hardware, but I'll email Nebula too and ask them to post any details to
this list?

> There is a 3-pin IR demodulator of some variety which plugs into a jack
> on the card.
> I'm not sure where the output from the jack gets routed to.
> Other devices on the card are:
> - Tuner, in the tin box (alps something or other I believe)
> - A 7474 flip flop
> - A 7408 AND gate
> - An 24C0[4?] EEPROM (what's that for, anyway?)
> - An MT352 demodulator
> - A bt878
> The rest of it is just a bunch of capacitors, resistors, etc.
> I would have been expecting to see something like a PIC or other chip
> connected to the IR demodulator, then the output of that connected
> to some of the GPIO pins of the bt878.  At least, I'm assuming
> that's the way it works on other cards.
> It doesn't look like this is the case though.  Most of the GPIO pins are
> unconnected.  The ones that I can trace go to the MPEG output of the
> MT352 (as expected).  There are about 3 that wonder off towards the
> flip-flop, but again, I can't trace those.
> Does anyone have any clue how they might be handling the remote from
> that description?
> I asked Nebula for some information on this, but they haven't come up
> with anything so far (in about a month) so I don't expect that they will.

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