[linux-dvb] Re: KNC1 DVB-S Plus

Hans-Georg Friedmann linuxdvb at hgfriedmann.de
Sat Sep 17 09:50:59 CEST 2005

Hello list, hello Andrew, hello Julian,

sorry for posting to you directly, but is there nobody interested in
solving this issue?

Here's the original thread in case you don't remember:


These were Andrew's instructions for the i2c-dumps I did:

Julian wrote one reply here
but there were errors in the dump, so the thread ended there.

Were there some other posts I missed? Although I doubt that since I
found nothing in the archive.

Please, folks, help me :-)


Hans-Georg Friedmann wrote:
> Hello,
> unfortunately there was no reaction to my last post, so I'll try again.
> I hope no one feels offended by that.
> In fact I have some news. The dump i posted in my last message was made
> _after_ tuning and then exiting the DVB app (Globe Digital).
> I found out that when dumping _while_ the program is running, there's
> different output, the registers even change when you switch channels.
> Furthermore I found a debug output from the Globe Digital app which
> states an interesting I2C error, which is stated to be "normal".
> Perhaps this helps a bit, I'm really desperate about getting that card
> to work.
> Yours,
> hgf
> Hans-Georg Friedmann wrote:

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