[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 300i working

tim0m1a tim0m1a at gmx.de
Sat Sep 17 13:05:04 CEST 2005

> What a sad story.....  This is a v4l issue, cc added.
> I appreciate that you have gotten your card working, but this isn't  
> really a solution to the problem.  In fact, seeing something like this  
> makes me want to fix the problem the right way, but my hands are tied on  
> this, as I do not know the cause of the problem, or exactly what patches  
> you had to revert in order to fix it, nor do I have the hardware to test  
> this on.
> I can take a closer look at this over the weekend, but it would be a  
> great service if you could actually go through the cvs and figure out  
> exactly what patch breaks support for your card.  If you cannot do that,  
> then if you could at least try to get the absolute very latest cvs where  
> your card still works.... For example:
> You can do cvs checkout -D {date}  to specify that cvs should checkout  
> all cvs code where commits are no later than {date} ... If you can  
> identify the FIRST date where cvs is broken for your card, that can help  
> us to identify exactly which patch is the culprit here.
> The RIGHT thing to do would be to use this information to apply a new  
> patch to cvs that will restore full functionality of your board, without  
> causing any other regressions.

So far so good...

I installed different CVS-Versions now. Since I installed 2005/07/14, the  
Pinnacle 300i does not run anymore. The following files were changed in  
the 2005/07/14-Snapshot:
U video4linux/ChangeLog
U video4linux/bttvp.h
U video4linux/compat.h
U video4linux/cx88-video.c
U video4linux/cx88.h
U video4linux/dpl3518.c
U video4linux/ir-common.c
U video4linux/ir-common.h
U video4linux/saa7134.h
U video4linux/tea5761.c
U video4linux/tea5767.c
U video4linux/tuner-core.c
U video4linux/tveeprom.c
U video4linux/v4l1-compat.c
U video4linux/v4l2-common.c

It is not Possible to tune to any channel anymore. /var/log/messages only  
repeates the following output:
mt352_pinnacle_init called
There are no errors reportet while loading the modules, but tzap does not  
get a lock anymore.
Even if i downgrade the modules and load them again, I have to reboot to  
get my card running again. So I think that the data that is send to the  
card might be wrong and the card is set to a wrong mode.

I will browse through the source and see, what has changed. If I find  
something appearing relevant to me, I will report.



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