[linux-dvb] Remote control key repeat problem

Chris Ariyo Chris.Ariyo at csc.fi
Mon Sep 19 14:10:17 CEST 2005


I have a strange problem after upgrading to linux kernel 2.6.13.
The remote key repeat has changed and I start having repeats for every 
key presswed in vdr.
I have check with the vdr developer and the remote plugins developer 
that there were no changes to these codes. Thje only place of change 
then is the kernel version.
I have a soundgraph imon remote lcd usb with lirc 0.7.1.
It is really annoying as I cannot even select channels (jumps to every 
second channel) and playback is impossible.
Any hint will be grately appreciated.

vdr 1.3.32
lirc 0.7.1
lcdproc 0.4.5
kernel 2.6.13 modules.

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