[linux-dvb] Building the V4 API version for kernel 2.6 FC3.

hunold at linuxtv.org hunold at linuxtv.org
Tue Sep 20 14:32:11 CEST 2005

Hello James, 

sorry for the late reply. 

> Ok, managed to get it all building by adjusting the "getlinks" script. I run
> the MAKE_DEV script to generate the devices, insmod to load the modules, but
> then when attempting to run the "scan" application, it aborts saying that it
> can't find the frontend0 device - checking via "ls" they are there. Using
> the "old" (ie: non-V4) interface, it all works fine, just the V4 stuff is
> giving me problems. 
> If there something I need to check, or do you need more information?

I'm sorry, I misunderstood your situation. Since my latest update, the 
dvb-ttpci driver is not compiled anymore, because some of the dvb-core 
internals have changed. 

So currently the dvb-core is loaded correctly, but there is no driver for 
your card. 

I'm developing the dvb-core in conjunction with a driver for an embedded 
system platform. Currently the driver code is not in CVS yet. 8-( 

May I ask what you want to do with v4 DVB API? 

If you don't want to answer this question in public, feel free to drop me 
some lines in private mail. 

> James.


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