[linux-dvb] DVB-C in Switzerland

Gide_x gide_x at secretscafe.ch
Wed Sep 21 00:04:33 CEST 2005

Hi !

I'm using a DVB-C card (Hauppauge Nexus CA rev. 1.3) with linux (MiniVDR

An official Cablecom decoder has a bad quality ... (most bad, i don't think
it's possible ......) :)

The quality with a DVB-C card is a little better (the signal is not perfect,
and sound only in stereo - MPEG1 layer3... but the best quality I have is
with channels in QAM 256).  

For sound, I use the SPDIF output with a Creative Extigy to convert it to
analog (I don't have a digital amplifier with SPDIF input) ...

To decode channels, I don't use a very "legal" system (software system), but
I have the card with abo :)

My Config: PIII 500 (w/o fan) - 256MBRAM - 200 GB HDD - DVD+-RW - and a
SuperSilent Alim

Best Regards, Gide_x

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