[linux-dvb] How to implement a generic FE ioctl fallback function?

NooneImportant nxhxzi702 at sneakemail.com
Wed Sep 21 22:46:43 CEST 2005

Current kernels include support for Legacy dish-network switches (ioctl:
FE_DISHNETWORK_SEND_LEGACY_CMD) which I added for the stv0299 frontends a
while back. Although the function is just a series of
set-voltage/precise-wait calls, it is implemented in stv0299.c directly
because I've seen that budget cards based on the stv0299 chip can take a
long time to query information, and a set-voltage command queries the card
before setting the voltage.

In any case, I'd like to implement a generic fallback function for all other
cards in the case that fe->ops->dishnetwork_send_legacy_command is not
defined but fe->ops->set_voltage is. The question is: In which file would I
put such a function definition? Looking at dvb_frontend.c I don't see any
similar ioctl commands that have fallbacks like this.

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