[linux-dvb] Re: Status of HDTV5 lite?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Fri Sep 23 07:57:51 CEST 2005

GFarris wrote:
> I tried hooking up the sound cable to my aux in, then my CD in.  As I 
> said, it works fine this way in windows.  Maybe I'm not configuring the 
> alsa mixer correctly for CD in. My system sound is working fine.

Make sure you have the volume loud enough on the correct input in your 
sound mixer... you might want to unmute them all and set the volume all 
to max in order to find the correct input.

> I just today updated to 2.6.13 so I could compile the DVB stuff 
> correctly, and I knew about the merge-trees script, but wasn't sure what 
> it did.  This is great!  So all I have to do now is load dvb-bt8xx in 
> addition to the merged BTTV stuff?

When using the tree-merging scripts with dvb-kernel, it works with 
2.6.13, although it is not required.  The tree-merging scripts pull the 
required code from dvb-kernel cvs into the video4linux, 
backwards-compatable build environment.

> And finally, I googled HDTV5 lite about a month ago and came up with 
> a thread about atscscan that you had written in this list, so I built my 
> first linux box and after many nights with little sleep, I now have a 
> great system using gentoo.


> Thanks for your help,

Always a pleasure... btw, you cut off the cc's to the list in your last 
reply... Please keep the lists cc'd when you're talking about this 
stuff. (no need to apologize) As these lists are archived, this 
conversation can help someone else in the future. :-D

-Mike Krufky

> Greg
> */Michael Krufky <mkrufky at linuxtv.org>/* wrote:
>     GFarris wrote:
>      >Bttv recognizes the HDTV5 lite as card 135, tuner 64. In analog
>     mode, there is no sound. This should be easy to fix, what can I do
>     to help? It works fine in Windoze when the audio is routed to an aux
>     or CD input.
>      >
>      >
>     Audio works for me, and three other testers... I programmed this board.
>     You must hook up the audio cable from the internal output on the board
>     to your sound hardware's internal input.
>      >
>      >What about ATSC and QAM? It works on the gold card, so it should
>     be fairly easy to use that code since everything is the same except
>     for the BT878a chip.
>      >
>      >
>     This works too... I have added ATSC support for this card to the
>     dvb-bt8xx driver in dvb-kernel cvs... In order to enable full support,
>     you must download both video4linux and dvb-kernel cvs trees and build
>     using the tree-merging scripts:
>     http://linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/How_to_build_from_CVS
>      >
>      >I got into Linux because I heard of the support for this card, so
>     I'm very anxious to get it going.
>      >
>      >
>     Really?!? I only added support for FusionHDTV5 Lite very recently.
>     News travels fast!
>     Please note: this is ONLY available in cvs. This will probably not show
>     up in the mainline kernel until 2.6.15
Michael Krufky

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