[linux-dvb] Artec DVB T1 cold start problem

Damiano ALBANI damianoalbani at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 23 22:10:45 CEST 2005


I have an issue with my Artec T1 (AN2235, USB1.1) : it
is *ONLY* recognized by the kernel when in "warm
state" -- that is booting in Windows and then
rebooting to Linux. Syslog says :

localhost kernel:
drivers/media/dvb/dibusb/dvb-dibusb.c: found a
'Grandtec USB1.1 DVB-T/DiBcom USB1.1 DVB-T reference
design (MOD3000)' in warm state.
localhost kernel:
drivers/media/dvb/dibusb/dvb-dibusb.c: running at FULL
speed, will use pid parsing.
localhost kernel:
drivers/media/dvb/dibusb/dvb-dibusb.c: Grandtec USB1.1
DVB-T/DiBcom USB1.1 DVB-T reference design (MOD3000)
successfully initialized and connected.

And it works nicely with MPlayer, etc.
Whereas, when the device is plugged in as "cold", the
kernel module isn't "triggered" at all. There's only :

localhost kernel: usb 1-3: new full speed USB device
using ohci_hcd and address 3

And that's all. Well, it is recognized, but by the
usbtest module -- which I removed.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,

Damiano ALBANI


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