[linux-dvb] Re: Status of HDTV5 lite?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Sat Sep 24 01:39:49 CEST 2005

GFarris wrote:
> I found my sound problem.  I was using the snapshot from 8/1/05.  With 
> the newest CVS code it works fine, and now I see I have a dvb0 
> sub-device too.

Ah, that explains it!  I didnt have sound working when I initially added 
support for this board.  Programming this board was a learning 
experience for me with respect to GPIO... When I eventually figured it 
out, I wrote the bt8x8 section in the GPIO wiki, and fixed sound on that 
board on Mon Aug 1 16:39:41 2005 UTC ... Strange that your snapshot 
didnt have that patch in there.  Oh well... I guess it was right on the 

> Now, the frontend code for the lite card.  Could you clear some things 
> up for me please?
> I followed the Wiki, and used the merge-trees.sh script 
> and Video4linux installs fine.  However, when I try to use atscscan, I 
> get "failed to open /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0".  I tried using the 
> MAKEDEV-DVB.sh script in dvb-kernel and it still fails even though the 
> devices are now physically there in the directory listing. If I cat 
> frontend0 I get "no such device or address" 


modprobe dvb-bt8xx

> Am I supposed to make the dvb-kernel first, and then make and install 
> video4linux to get the frontend code?  When I make the latest CVS 
> dvb-kernel, i get "bttv_sub_register not defined in dvb-bt8xx.ko plus a 
> few other similar messages.  If I compile bt848 support in the kernel, I 
> dont get these error messages, and my other card works (Twinham dvb-s), 
> but the code in my kernel 2.6.13-gentoo-r2 doesn't have the changes I 
> need for the HDTV5-lite, so I took it out and recompiled the kernel to 
> get to where I am now and to follow the wiki instructions of not having 
> any other support added .
> Finally, am I supposed to modprobe dvb-bt8xx or bttv, once this is all 
> working?
> I know I'm almost there!

AAAh!!  You've completely defeated the purpose of the tree-merging scripts!

This is the procedure...

1) You already have a kernel, with video4linux and dvb-core compiled AS 

2) grab video4linux cvs -- DO NOT COMPILE

3) grab dvb-kernel cvs -- DO NOT COMPILE

both of these cvs trees should be downloaded into the same directory.

4) cd video4linux
    make clean
    make install

The entire point of the tree merging scripts is to take the needed code 
FROM dvb-kernel cvs and compile it WITH video4linux.

If you follow those instructions exactly, it will work for you.

I must remind you:  There is one major bug that I still haven't fixed... 
   Apparantly, When using analog mode, pin #26 of the lgdt3303 is being 
set low, and it shouldnt be.  This causes the frontend to die.  The only 
way to bring it back is by removing and reloading the module:

modprobe -r dvb-bt8xx
modprobe dvb-bt8xx

So, now I must figure out which GPIO pin is connected to lgdt3303 
pin#26, and then mask it out.  Hopefully this will solve that problem.

Let me know how it all works out.
Michael Krufky

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