[linux-dvb] snr on Airstar HD5000?

Geoffrey Hausheer inli3epy93n at phracturedblue.com
Mon Sep 26 07:49:04 CEST 2005

Is there any way to get the SNR with the current drivers for an HD5000?
I applied Taylor's patch to, and had no real problem getting
my HD5000 up and running.  azap returns that a channel lock has
occurred, and I can record just fine, but azap always reports snr as
'ffff'.  I know that my signal is marginal (I initially set the card
up in windows, and was only able to squeak out a SNR of ~17 on PBS,
but this was good enough to get reliable picture and sound).  I need
to go outside and re-aim my antenna (for some reason, I can only get a
strong signal when my directional all-band is pointed backwards at the
transmitter), but I'd like to have the SNR available before I do that.
azap normally shows signal=00000, snr=ffff. ber=00000, unc=000000,
status=0x1f and flags=FE_HAS_LOCK
though I'll occasionally see unc jump up a bit.

I don't want to seem impatient, I am very happy that the card works in
linux as is, but I'm just wondering if I did something wrong or
whether these stats aren't available with this card yet.


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