[linux-dvb] RE: Compro DVB-T300 Remote

Andy linux-dvb at andrewsmith.plus.com
Mon Sep 26 11:50:10 CEST 2005

Hi Nick, et al,

> >> I've attached to the two files with the changes in them for the T200.
> >> me know how you go.

The files you sent seemed to work - immediately after reloading the modules
my remote starting doing stuff! :) I had a couple of issues however:

1. (Slightly OT) First off, in MythTV, only a few of the buttons work and
some operate the wrong functions. I assume this is a config file issue as
all I've done is recompile and reload the modules. If you use myth, please
could you mail me your config file (lircd.conf???). Otherwise, any ideas on
how I can read the equivalent keyboard keypress for each RC button? You
mentioned 'evdev' although this looks more like an API - is there not a
little app to do this? How does this type of RC fit into the I/O system -
does it just appear as a secondary keyboard?

2. (More serious) The 4-way 'game pad'-style control on the remote operated
all the MythTV menus in the correct sense, however pressing 'up' would cause
the 'up' keypress to be sent continuously (as if the button was being held
down) until another button on the remote was pressed. So I reverted back to
using the keyboard, but this too had now contracted the same issue - cursor
up would continuously scroll up until another key was pressed. This occurred
in an xterm window too, so I'm certain it's an I/O layer problem rather than
a MythTV problem. I found I had to unload/reload the module before 'normal'
behaviour returned to my keyboard, although problems started again as soon
as I pressed the 'up' button on the remote.

My guess is that somewhere, when the RC button is pressed (triggering a
'key-press' event) an (incorrect?) code mask to spot the 'key-release' event
is recorded. (This is based on my unfounded assumption that RCs work on the
same 'key-down'/'key-up' events for each keypress as standard keyboards...
am I correct?).

It gets stranger - this behaviour just randomly disappeared! I'm sure it
will return to annoy me however, so any ideas what was going on? Did you
experience anything like this Nick?



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