[linux-dvb] snr on Airstar HD5000?

Geoffrey Hausheer inli3epy93n at phracturedblue.com
Mon Sep 26 18:37:32 CEST 2005

On 9/26/05, Mike Krufky wrote:
> Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> The issue that you're describing is with the frontend driver, not the
> card driver.  Mac has written an explanation of why this feature hasn't
> been implemented:
> ...
> >Unfortunately the variable used to return the result is
> >unsigned 16 bits long so the values must be truncated.
> >lgdt330x driver returns the truncated raw MSE value.
> ...
> ...so I don't know if that's gonna happen anytime soon.  At least it
> works!  ;-)

Ahh ok.
I looked at the code, and enabled debug, and what I see is that
'noise' always equals 0x70000  regardless of what channel I tune, and
regardless of whether I have a lock or not.  This looks fiishy to me. 
Any idea why this would happen?
If it really were this bad, that is a SNR of ~ -15dB, and I can't
imagine I would be able to even obtain a lock, much less get a usable
stream from the card with it that low.

Thanks again,

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