[linux-dvb] FIX: No recovery after lost lock

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Tue Sep 27 13:08:02 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 27 Sep 2005 11:11, Marian Durkovic wrote:
> > > Anyway, recovery seems to be faster without fine-tuning, at least with
> > > my Nexus, higher symbol rates and a good signal...
> >
> > Hmm, weird, I added the enhanced code because thats what hauppauge
> > appeared to be doing, and I thought it seemed to work better at the
> > time.... however looks like that isn't the case. I've no problem if you
> > want to rip it out.
> Actually I did some further testing and the use of derotator has a very bad
> side effect - it reduces the available SNR. The higher is derotator_freq,
> the lower is SNR. In my setup, when derotator is set for > 9 MHz, I can't
> get the lock anymore (of course I have properly shifted the tuning
> frequency). It's far better to perform normal tuning, which does not reduce
> the SNR.
> Thus I'd suggest to remove the enhanced tuning section and use standard
> tuning for zigzags.

Yup, I agree.

Want me to do it?

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