[linux-dvb] Multicast streaming program release

Jim Jowski jowski at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 30 22:06:20 CEST 2005

Nico Sabbi wrote:

> DUBOST Brice wrote:
>> Hello
>> The main site of mumudvb is now open
>> Mumudvb is a modification of dvbstream.
>> It's main feature es to take a whole transponder an put each channel on
>> a different multicast IP.
>> here is the adress :
>> http://braice.hd.free.fr/mumudvbwiki
>> Feel free to ask me any question
> it doesn't seem to have a TS demuxer/parser, or did I miss something?
> If it's not there how can you identify each single program?
> I saw that there's an example config file with  pids specified by hand;
> that doesn't differ a lot from the plain dvbstream command line that 
> permits
> to specify a rich combination of udp and/or rtp addresses.
> It would be nice to know if my implementation of udp streaming wastes an
> useless amount of bandwidth: I'm not at all expert in the field of 
> network
> programming, so it may suck :)
> If you have patches to improve dvbstream post them, please :)
>    Nico 

Everything I learned in networking classes said that the TCP 'reliable 
connection' was a real bandwidth user.  With UDP, it's send and forget.


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