[linux-dvb] RE: Any luck with Fusion so far?

Klaus Frahm frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr
Tue Aug 1 11:08:43 CEST 2006

On  1 Aug, Mark wrote:
> Yep,
> Tried 2.6.18-rc3 last night same thing.
> PCI works just fine.  USB will tune with tzap and get a signal lock but no
> picture/stream.  Also the USB will not find anything with dvbscan.

You may want to verify if this is not the same or similar problem as in
my case with a different card (AverTV A800 USB2.0) that I needed to get
a 2nd lock immediately after the first one to start the video flux, for
example by using the stop/play buttons in VLC or a double use of tzap
(with the "-x" option for the first tzap to exit after getting the
lock), i.e. try simply:

tzap -x <all_your_options> ; tzap <all_your_options>

or more generally:

tzap -x <some_options_for_one_channel> ; "any_other_video_software"

(such as VLC, VDR, maybe dvbscan (?), ...).

Look here (and in the link there) for more details:
as well in the full thread. 

If you have indeed the same problem, chances are good that the latest
driver version (of dvb_usb) of Patrick Boettcher (which is the main
topic of that thread) may solve the problem and the problem would not be
due to a particular card but more for the situation when one has a very
good antenna reception such that tzap gives "0000" signal and "ffff" snr
(as with me). This could also explain that eventually the same card may
work in one case and not in another case. But okay you have first to
verify that this is indeed the same problem.

Greetings, Klaus.

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