[linux-dvb] status of BaluTV / Digitelmo1 / Moditel1 driver?

Joachim Steiger roh at hyte.de
Fri Aug 11 04:24:05 CEST 2006

On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 12:51:03AM +0200, Tobias Stoeber wrote:
> says, that there is a driver for the BaluTV-based PCMCIA DVB-T cards 
> (Viola Digitelmo1 and Technisat Moditel1) under development.
> How far is the progress in this project? Are there any usable (alpha) 
> drivers available and where are these to be found?
hi there.
i'm still in the process of working out if its my buffering code or
a bug in the (as far as i can see mask programmed) fpga used on the
balutv card. unfortunatly the vendor says its no bug and cannot help
further. but i got some docs and are willing to complete the driver as
soon as i find the time.

it comes down to this: the card has one 16bit register which is used to
read out the hardware-fifo, 2 bytes at a time. so i should get 94 words,
the first byte should be 0x47 (mpeg ts start) but i get 'something'
which looks like the last byte from the previous ts-package and 0x47 in
the second byte. thus the packages are one byte shifted to the right
which is totally contrary to any docs and reasonable thinking.
if nothing helps i propably have to read 2 packages before beeing able
to submit one into the softdemux (needed because the hw can only filter
8 pids, no sections) and i didn't try this yet.

to the process: the i2c works, tuning works, the demod locks, the fpga
signals a valid ts. to be worked out: getting data into the computer

you can download a old version here
but be warned that it propably only applies to the hg from end of june
and needs some changes to work with current hg

the docs i got are massively unsorted and sometimes are not consistant
to itself so they propably will not help much. but i put all
registerdefinitions i could find into the driver, so reading them and
the comments is propably a good start.

the pll code is copied from some other frontends and should be
refactored to share the code (a tda8272 is used here together with a

please be aware that the driver is really not finished, touches a few
things it does not really need to and spits out huge amounts of debug
stuff, so it is only usable if you have a bit of a clue about hardware,
dvb, and kerneldebugging.

but if you are ready for such an adventure, feel free to play around
with it and please report back if you get any further than me ;)

if you really want to help, write me a mail.

kind regards

Joachim Steiger

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