[linux-dvb] DiB3000MC rewritten and MT2060 is ready to go into main

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Wed Aug 16 19:06:08 CEST 2006


matthieu castet wrote:
> matthieu castet wrote:
>> castet.matthieu at free.fr wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Selon Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at desy.de>:
>>>> Might be a mistake: Do you say that when you convert the data from 
>>>> the old
>>>> buffer to the new agc-structure it works better? Otherwise I don't 
>>>> see why
>>>> it changed.
>>> I didn't try that yet. I wanted first to know your opinion on it.
>>> I will try it this evening.
>> No it still doesn't help :(
>> As I don't have a datasheet nor a knowlege of the driver, I don't know 
>> what to try.
>> With your mt2060 dongle, don't you see a signal strength loose between 
>> old driver (with patched signal strength report) and new driver ?
>> Can't you attenuate your reception quality in order to check if you 
>> see the same behaviour ?
> I found a bug in the mt2060, the VGAG wasn't set to a correct level.
> Now I get the signal level from the old driver, but there still no 
> picture...
> The rate of the dvb stream reported by femon (from vdr is very low) : 
> 0.5 Mb/s instead of 5 Mb/s.
Any news on that ?

The new driver is broken for me (no picture, no autosearch) while the 
old driver was working.

The new driver is now integrated in the hg repo, but it seems a big 
regression for configuration like mine (ok there weren't mt2060 support, 
but it could have been added without rewriting the driver).
Shouldn't we have to wait a new driver with no regression before merging 
it ?

I hope it will be fixed before it hits linus git repo.


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