[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV Dual Digital zl10353 / dee1601 tuning

Stephen Colley scolley at bigpond.net.au
Sun Aug 20 15:13:35 CEST 2006

Hi Guys,
I too am struggling to get the USB portion of this card working  
correctly. I suspect in my case however it relates to the powerpc64  
architecture (powermac G5)
rather than the drivers (but I could be wrong).
Build from the latest mercurial tree (which has Chris Pascoe's latest  
code) against a vanilla 2.6.18-rc4 has no errors under Debian unstable.
PCI tuner always attaches and works with dvb-utils, Kaffeine and VLC  
- and looks great!
USB tuner is detected by dvb-usb and firmware is uploaded but no  
lsusb shows: Bus Device ID 0fe9:50db DVICO
this of course is the DEE1601_COLD or idproduct with the bytes  
flipped and i presume this is a big endian problem.
So not being any sort of programmer I just inserted the line
udev->descriptor.idProduct=0xdb51 (DEE1601 WARM USB CODE) in the file  
cxusb.c (line 469)
where the firmware is patched prior to being loaded into the card.
This corrects the lsusb output and the card is detected in its warm  
state and frontend 1 attaches and promises to send the mpeg2 stream  
to the software demuxer!
So I can tune adapter1 and tzap with a lock but I cannot get an mpeg  

I note Chris's patch "Tuning fixes for DViCO DVB-T USB devices with  
ZL10353" is aimed at dealing with this problem, has anyone had any  
luck with this?
I'm not sure what to try next but I guess the unusual lsusb output  
suggests an architecture incompatibility?


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