[linux-dvb] STB6100, STB0899 programming information?

Robert Schlabbach robert_s at gmx.net
Tue Aug 29 13:02:19 CEST 2006

From: "thomas schorpp" <t.schorpp at gmx.de>
> used Your freemail adress in the support form?
> no good idea, linear-tech e.g. say they dont accept gmx, etc.

Stupid companies. My GMX account is not even freemail, I'm paying for it...

> even *sales*@twinhan doesnt care about freemailings, too,
> i asked about their new dvb-s2 ci card.

Maybe they don't have anything to say about it, because it only exists in
their ads, but not as an actual product...?

> You're working on the new TT dvb-s2 card, arent You?


> Asked Technotrend?

Haven't had any responses from TT for a while. I wonder if my e-mail
address is in their spam filter...

> > far is that the STB6100 seems to have 12 registers, while the STB0899
> > has over 256 - but I just can't figure out how register addressing
> > works on the STB0899. It seems to be neither an 8-bit subaddress nor
> > a 16-bit subaddress. Stupid secrecy-ladden design... :(
> how did You find out? linux/windows i2c sniffer/probing tools? which?

No, the TT Windows driver seems to have a register dump function (which I
don't know how to activate) and contains a list of strings will all
register names and their bits, and one can extract which bits in the
register they are...

> what for should a demodulator need 256 registers? cant be, modern
> fully automatic devices come with lesser configuration effort, normally

Wolfgang's post later in this thread seems to indicate that the STB0899's
DVB-S2 function is actually somewhat unfinished and requires host CPU
interaction to work. Maybe we should wait for a fully finished

> disassembling the windows driver or studying it with remote kernel
> debugging would be a hard long way... :(

Especially if it requires quite some software overhead to run this stupid
chip... :(

Best Regards,
Robert Schlabbach
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Berlin, Germany

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