[linux-dvb] patch collection for Kernel 2.6.16-rc1

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Sat Feb 4 20:35:42 CET 2006

Hello Uwe,

I made some mistakes in my handling of patch conflicts. I wouldn't
have thought that you would take this personally, nor could I have
imagined what effects it would have on your views of my person
and linux-dvb development as a whole.

My apologies. I've learned from my mistakes and I won't
repeat them.

For the other people on linux-dvb who scratch their heads as to
what this is all about:

During my creating the patchset for akpm for 2.6.13-mm?, I found
that akpm had already applied a patch from Uwe to
Documentation/dvb/bt8xx.txt, which conflicted with other changes
made by Manu in CVS, and which also deleted some IMHO useful
information from the file. First I tried to merge the two
conflicting changes, but it looked like I would've ended up
rewriting the whole file by doing so. After about 10min I gave up.

Now, the correct way to respond to that would have been
to send an email to akpm, asking him to drop Uwe's patch, and
an email to Uwe, explaining to him what had happened, and asking
him to recreate his patch against CVS and to send it to the
linux-dvb list.

I did neither.

Instead I created a patch that replaced bt8xx.txt with the version
from CVS, thereby silently reverting all of Uwe's changes.
I simply thought he'll figure out what happened, recreate the
patch and send it again. After all, patches get dropped and reverted
on a regular basis from the kernel when there are any problems
with them.

You can find the patch history in git:
Note that the early commits to bt8xx.txt are wrongly attributed
to my name due to missing From: lines, they are not really my edits
as you can see here:

And my offending patch submission is also still there:

All I can say in my defense is that as usual I was late with
creating the patchset, it was late in the night and I was running
out of time and urging to get the patches out of the door
(as usual, lack of time seems to be a determining misfeature
of my life). Creating patches from dvb-kernel CVS commits was
not a trivial task at that time, as the commits messages
had no Subject:, no From:, often totally meaningless descriptions,
patches were often not self-contained (so git-bisect would break)
and needed fixing up, and they sometimes needed fixing up to
apply against current -mm. I also usually combined the trivial
"Oops, make it compile" commits into the corresponding patch,
and I skipped problemeatic patches and had to deal with
whitepace differences between kernel and CVS. All in all the process
of creating a patchset frm CVS took me a few hours.

Uwe then contacted me as soon as 2.6.13-mm2 was out, and complained,
as expected ;-/. I then explained it to him what happened and
asked him to recreate the patch and send it to linux-dvb.
But I missed to apologize (at the time I was still thinking
I did the right thing.)

Uwe, please accept my apologies, and try to get over it. After
all this all happened about five months ago.


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