[linux-dvb] Using the Freecom DVB-T stick remote control

Steven Ellis mail_lists at stevencherie.net
Wed Feb 8 12:01:33 CET 2006

Steven Ellis wrote:

>Noticed that the driver detects the IR unit on the freecom USB stick.
>Anyone here managed to get this to work with lirc or other methods and
>can pass on some tips.

Ok I have now got the input driver working with the device but I need to
debug the remote codes as the values in dtt200u.c don't match my remote.

I've tried turning on the remote debugging in dvb_usb but i'm not
getting any debug output. Am i missing somthing else? I'm assuming that
the following should give me rc debugging.

 modprobe dvb_usb debug=0x20

Any tips/ideas?



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