[linux-dvb] Thinking out aloud

Roger rde at qdos.net.au
Sat Feb 11 02:36:03 CET 2006


  I have a Winfast TV card - bt878 based - and it works well for TV 
viewing and video capture through Mplayer et al.

  I have the Cinelerra NLE editing software - which I'm slowly coming to 
grips with. It should serve all my editing needs.

  However - the two don't seem to communicate at all.

Cinelerra has a 'record from TV' function - which allows me to define 
the input device (which I'm rashly assuming should be /dev/video) - but 
it then dutifully captures a blank screen - regardless of whether TV or 
Composite Video is selected as input. That seems reasonable because I'm 
conjecturing that there is some manipulation needed to be carried out on 
the card in order to select input/channel/etc. - which Mplayer does - 
and Cinelerra has no clue about. Presumably I'm going to have to 
find/write/plagiarise some control code and graft it into/around 
Cinelerra to exercise control of the card and successuly deliver cideo 
data to /dev/video.

Can anyone comment on whether this musing is down the right track (or, 
praise de lord - point me at the code/information I need?).

Thanks - and my apologies if this is totally off the mark (it's a new 
problem :)


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