[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Kworld-ATSC110

maillist maillist at boilerbots.com
Thu Feb 16 14:17:19 CET 2006

CityK wrote:
> maillist wrote:
>> Nope, I never get any confirmation message from the tda9887 driver. I
>> hack around the tda9887 and tried probing additional i2c addresses but
>> it can not locate anything. I have never seen any official
>> confirmation anywhere that the tda9887 is present. It would be good
>> for someone who has the tuv1236D documents to speak up and help out. 
> Hi Curt,
> Have a look at  (warning huge picture!!!)
> http://images.anandtech.com/reviews/video/ATI/hdtvwonder/tuner.jpg
> In the TDA9887 datasheet.pdf, see page 52.
> Is that official confirmation? No.  But if that isn't a TDA9887
> (actually a TDA9887TS/V4 to be precise) in the TUV1236D, then I'm a
> monkey's uncle.
Well you are right, I guess seeing is believing.

I had to try harder to get it to show up. But finally I see it now.

Here is what I had to do.

   1. load saaa7134
   2. load saa7134-dvb
   3. run something to get the nxt2004 firmware to load, like azap.
   4. load tuner
   5. remove tuner
   6. load tuner (it always loads the second time)
   7. remove the tda9887 that was loaded by someone else.
   8. load tda9887 (now that the ntx2004 is up).

The result is that it loads and tries to do it's thing. I don't notice 
any difference in the TV signal but with the debugging enabled it is do 
what it does. Is it possible that the nxt2004 was already controlling 
the tda9887 on it's own?

I will play with this more tomorrow.


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