[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Another one for the Kworld-ATSC110

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Feb 21 07:33:02 CET 2006

maillist wrote:
> Michael Krufky wrote:
>> What's the problem?  Why can't you just use the current nxt2004 
>> firmware provided by the get_dvb_firmware script?  It works fine on 
>> AVerTV HD A180 and ATi HDTV Wonder, and you SAID it was working with 
>> the patch that has been merged into the v4l-dvb master repository... 
>> Why re-invent the wheel?
>> If there are still bugs, PLEASE state them.
> I am trying to understand how this card it supposed to work vs. the way 
> it is being used currently. Plus, you can see from the forum link that I 
> pointed out that there are improvements made in the firmware. It would 
> be nice to know we can use them when they are released. Here are a list 
> of things I am trying to investigate and understand:
>   1. I can't get QAM anything to work.

The firmware is for the nxt2004 chip... The current firmware works fine 
for me using the AVerTVHD A180 , I dont see why any other card would 
need special firmware to handle the same chip, wired in the same way... 
I've been told that QAM also works on ATi HDTV Wonder, which uses the 
same TUV1236d NIM as your board.  I'll admit that I don't know for sure, 
but I just dont think alternate firmware would be needed.  Are you sure 
that the digital cable that you are using is unencrypted?  There are 
usually only a few unencrypted channels.

>   2. My computer can't play back HD with audio using mplayer. When
>      mplayer decodes the audio stream it gets CRC errors and falls apart.

This has nothing to do with the driver, or the card, or its firmware.  I 
had the exact same problems when I first tested my FusionHDTV3 Gold-T -- 
after updating mplayer things worked much better.  Keep in mind that all 
of the mpeg decoding is being done in software -- this is a strain on 
the cpu.  In windows, there is usually some hardware acceleration being 
done in the graphics card, but you probably arent using this in linux.

>   3. Analog channel audio is routed out the audio jack and thus has to
>      be patched into my sound card input. It should be digitized onto
>      the pci bus if I want it to be.

done.  saa7134-alsa

>   4. I don't like the way the antenna switching is supposed to work. It
>      actually doesn't seem to work at all using TVTime, xawtv, kdetv. I
>      use one coax input for an antenna to receive HD and I use the
>      other to receive cable channels. I would like to specify which
>      antenna input is assigned to what task. On the other hand if QAM
>      worked (item 1 on my list) then I probably wouldn't care about
>      this feature but it would be nice.

Please see the discussion in the list between Mac Michaels, Kirk Lapray 
and I about this very topic.  We agree with you, but the API doesnt 
allow it in analog mode, unless you can change tuner input using GPIO...

>   5. I still need to work on the IR remote control support. I see how
>      it is working from a register dump under windows, but I haven't
>      had time to work on the driver.

well, that isnt a deal-breaker... send in a patch for that whenever 
ready.  I think David Freeman gave it a try also, but had some trouble.

>   6. I need a way to route the Dolby Digital from HD programs out
>      through SPDIF.

sound hardware / software stuff -- i dont know what to tell ya :-/  When 
you figure this out, let me know... I'd like to do the same thing on my 

>   7. There are a whole load of things the 7135 supports in the audio
>      section like volume control, bass and treble adjustments, fake
>      stereo stuff and so forth. This is in the hardware we just need a
>      way to control it.

really, this is already done -- saa7134-alsa

>   8. The tda9887 stilll doesn't load right automatically. If I enable
>      the debug, it never prints anything when it is loaded by the
>      tda7134 driver. If I remove it and then re-load it then it starts
>      printing debug statements so i know it is doing something.

dont worry about that -- just keep the line in there, it will do what it 
needs to do.

> I am sure some of the shortcomings are things I have yet to understand 
> in the software but there are several items that I just don't see any 
> support in the code so I am pretty sure that it isn't supported yet. My 
> goal is to be able to build a functional DVR that is as good as that 
> available using snapstreams software. If I can't do that then I might as 
> well shell out the $60 and be done with it.

Sounds to me like the driver IS working then. Good.

Well, I wish you luck with that.... I have yet to get around to setting 
up my monster video recording server.  The shoemaker's wife wears no shoes.



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