[linux-dvb] SAA7146 DMA buffer overflow - delayed interrupts ?

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Sat Feb 25 21:25:13 CET 2006

Ingo Schneider wrote:
> I now did a very different test:
> While running the backup with dump, I used the "echo" port to measure 
> how long it takes for a character to be echoed back to my second machine,
> and then immediately writing the next character.
> And while the log indicated that there was no SAA7146 interrupt for 
> 70ms, the longest time measured for getting the character back was 16 ms 
> (tested for 3 minutes with 400000 roundtrips).
> It seems that the SAA7146 Interrupts are delayed for a very long time 
> while the rest of the system runs fine - very strange !

Hm - could you please upload the .config of your running kernel
somewhere and post the link?


VDR Remote Plugin available at

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