[linux-dvb] dvb-t: multiple cards per box?

DUBOST Brice dubost at crans.ens-cachan.fr
Thu Jan 5 15:23:06 CET 2006

Stefan Magdalinski wrote:
> I have a nova-t pci which works great under ubuntu on it's own, but I'm
> thinking about putting in an extra card so I can capture more channels.
> I'm guessing the limit is probably the pci bus, rather than anything else.
> Has anyone successfully achieved this?

Yes with 6 cards on the same machine

> Also, is it possible to capture arbitrary collections of PIDs to
> separate files, so that one can capture more than one channel from a
> Transport Stream at once?

For that you can use mumudvb

> I've been using dvbstream to capture a single stream, but don't know how
> to make it split into multiple files.

after you can use dumpudp to catch the stream (with mumudvb)

> Happy New Year, and thanks in advance
> stef


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