[linux-dvb] Pent@Net DVB Support in Kernel

Denis Fedorishenko nuclearcat at nuclearcat.com
Sun Jan 22 18:39:21 CET 2006

As i know, part of code is binary. Also card is out of production, i heard Pent at Media terminate support of DVB cards.

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 11:08:47 -0800 (PST), Domenic Troilo wrote
> Sorry for the re-post but I did not put a subject in the last one 8-)
> Hi, I have had this Pent at NET DVB-S card for a while and am
> wondering if someone may want to write a driver for it.  
> Here is discription of the chipset used (translated from Russian):
>  In receiver Pent at Net is used the tuner with the direct transformation 
>  (Direct Conversion) of model Samsung TBMU3011МMH. Inside the tuner - 
>  Down Convertor Mitel SL192Л, and the synthesizer of frequency SP5769, 
>  DVB-frontend HDM851Б. Of the functions of the manager of processor and 
>  demultiplexer performs chip C-cube avia GTX. RAM - HYNDAI 
>  GM71G18163CT6. the controller of tire PCI 2.1 plx PCI9052. EEPROM - 
>  93LC46B.
> There currently is a Linux Red Hat 2.4 driver found here
> http://www.pentamedia.com/eng/customer/down/Linux/pentanet-RHx-2.3.1_021111.tar.gz
> Here is a link to
>  the
>  manual:
>   http://pentamedia.com/english/supports/technical-net.htm
> I am not a coder, but could do some testing.
> Thanks In Advance
> Domenic 

Denis Fedorishenko

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