[linux-dvb] DBV on the Lifeview Trio

hermann pitton hermann.pitton at onlinehome.de
Wed Jan 25 23:25:28 CET 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 25.01.2006, 21:52 +0100 schrieb Nico Sabbi:
> Hi,
> today I was given a Trio in exchange of my broken Duo.
> I noticed that the DVB part on the Lifeview Trio "works" (so to say, I 
> still haven't gotten
> anything to tune, even in windows) with the config of the tiger board
> with the exception that it responds at address 0x12, so I changed the 
> demod_addr to 0x9
> in struct tda1004x_config philips_tiger_config.
> I'll keep my finger crossed (wasn't this 8275A supposed to be better, 
> rather than worse,
> than its elder brother?)
> Bye,
>     Nico

Hi Nico,

the TDA8275A works very well on the Asus P7131 Dual and I'm about 90 km
away from the transmitter using some old under the roof antennas.

On the Trio, like on the tiger and asus p7131 hybrid the tuner is on
0x61, but on the Trio it is the one used for analog only, not the one
used for digital.

For the dual TDA8275A on the Tevion DVBT-220RF Hartmut recommended the
following with success.

> > Sorry, i forgot: Ther driver for this card explicitely opens the
> > I2C bridge in the 8290 before it tunes. I assume that the tuning
> > command goes to the wrong tuner. I assume the tuner dor digital
> > has the address 0xc0 (0x60 in the drivers notation).
> > Please try the following:
> > Replace the function: philips_tiger_pll_set
> > 
> > by the following:
> > 
> > static int philips_tiger_pll_set(struct dvb_frontend *fe, struct
> > dvb_frontend_parameters *params)
> > {
> >         int ret;
> > 
> >         ret = philips_tda827xa_pll_set(0x60, fe, params);
> >         if (ret != 0)
> >                 return ret;
> > };
> > 
> > And see what happens.

There might be more and just see Hartmut jumped in now,
but anyways.


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