[linux-dvb] Firedtv.

Andreas Monitzer dvb at monitzer.com
Tue Jan 31 23:49:27 CET 2006

On Jan 31, 2006, at 23:15, Michael Krufky wrote:

> Jouke Hofman wrote:
>> As some may have noticed in the irc channel I have got a FloppyDTV  
>> (wich is the same as the FireDTV). Ofcourse there aren't linux  
>> drivers available. However my reseller told me that digital- 
>> everywhere already made support for the 2.6.6 kernel and that he  
>> got the source of it. I was trying to get it compiled but it  
>> doesn't work for me. I asked the reseller if I could post the  
>> source here and he told me it was ok. You can find it here:
>> http://reym.student.utwente.nl/firedtv/
> I've pushed the code into the v4l_experimental section of our  
> Mercurial repository.  From there, we can take a look at it, and  
> fix it up for compatability with newer kernels.
> I've marked the code as being authored by Andreas Monitzer (cc added).
> Andreas, if you have any updates to this driver, please feel free  
> to submit patches.  If you are hosting a newer version of it  
> elsewhere, please keep us informed, so that we can have this added  
> to a future kernel.


This is the latest version. Note that the date in the tarball  
filename is misleading, the source is much older (2.6.6 was current  
by then). I tried to port the code over to 2.6.7, but a few IEEE1394- 
related bugs introduced in that version prevented that (same reason  
that the matching code doesn't match by vendor id, that part was  
broken in the kernel).
Also note that the code supports devfs only, since udev was  
experimental and undocumented back then.

That code was never meant to be published in that state (by me, at  
least), so it's not really the cleanest. The vendor-specific commands  
are all written for FireDTV/FloppyDTV and shouldn't work in the  
Elgato devices (clever minds might figure out how to convert them,  
though :). The CI implementation isn't compatible with the current  
firmware version, and might not be implementable in Linux (since the  
API exposed by the kernel is far too low-level for a high-level API  
like FireDTV's).


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