[linux-dvb] KNC1 DVB-C Plus + CI - still failing :(

Bastian Friedrich bastian at bastian-friedrich.de
Thu Jun 15 11:04:49 CEST 2006


I have recently installed a new DVB-C card to my system:
* KNC One TV Station DVB-C Plus
* CineView CI Module
* AlphaCrypt Light CAM
* Smartcard "Kabel Digital Home" (German Pay TV)

The DVB card itself worked fine with budget-av (default Kernel 
drivers from SuSE 10.1's default-kernel), but the CI module was not 
even recognized (no output in dmesg, no /dev/dvb/adapter0/ca0). I 
installed the most recent mercurial checkout version, but was still 
unable to get the CI working.

ciintf_init is not called for my card (I have no idea what saa7113 
is...). When "patching"
        if (!budget_av->has_saa7113) {
        } else {
                printk(KERN_INFO "Initializing CI despite saa7113\n");
both encrypted as well as unencrypted programs work fine. I am aware of 
the fact that this might not be the case for other users...

Anyway, unfortunately there still seems to be something wrong with the 
KNC CI support in budget-av.


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