[Bulk] Re: [Bulk] [linux-dvb] ati hdtv wonder in gentoo amd64

Brett Taylor sweet.brett at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 03:00:44 CEST 2007

well last night I was successful in getting my card to work, and to get it
to tune QAM channels.  I changed back to gentoo sources and upgraded them to
2.6.20-gentoo-r5 (i was on r3 before).  using the kernel modules I could not
tune to any channels.  So, I emerged v4l-dvb-hg, which actually emerged this
time.  Then CityK walked me through how to use hg and obtain the kernel-sync
sources.  Once I had those modules compiled and installed, the card worked
great.  I still have a few channels that won't get any sound (and I tried
adding (ac3) to the kaffeine dvb list as was suggested earlier), but I do
have a handful of channels that work great (QAM).

Thanks for all the help.


On 4/11/07, Marcel Siegert <mws at linuxtv.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 April 2007, Markus Rechberger wrote:
> -- snip --
> > (didn't read everything here)
> >
> > but regarding "I cannot emerge v4l-dvb-hg, I get build error"
> >
> >  /var/tmp/portage/media-tv/v4l-dvb-hg-0.1-r2/work/v4l-dvb/v4l/...
> >
> > try to compile it in /var/tmp/v4l-dvb instead that long path (so no
> > v4l-dvb-hg-0.1-r2), some people had the same problems when checking
> > out my repository in strange directorynames (I guess there's something
> > wrong with a script but I haven't looked at it, it should work if you
> > just compile it in a "sane" directoryname)
> >
> > Markus
> -- snip --
> hi,
> markus your way would not work on gentoo systems using emerge/portage
> to compile sources.
> it uses a sandbox. you cant just change the behaviour (ok, there is a way,
> but not form "normal" users).
> it checks outs sources from repositories, unpacks, configures...
> everything.
> @brett
> can try to check out the sources manually and compile them?
> regards
> marcel
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